Drain Cover Recall Information

Hayward Industries, Inc and other drain cover manufacturers, in cooperation with The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), recently conducted a voluntary recall of certain square pool and spa drain covers sold after December 19, 2008 because the US CPSC believes that testing certification procedures used by the independent testing labs may have resulted in flow ratings being inaccurate. Hayward Pool Products Canada, Inc. ("Hayward Canada") also sold the subject drain covers in Canada and, in cooperation with Health Canada, is voluntarily recalling these drain covers as well (See Health Canada Drain Cover Press Release). The Hayward Canada specific models affected by this recall are WGX1031B, WGX1032B, WGX1033B, WGX1031BHF, WGX1033BHF, WG1032PAK2, WG1033PAK2, WG1033HFPAK2. Replacement of these Hayward Canada square drain covers may be required in certain cases. Please review the documents below for specific Hayward Canada products affected by the recall and then contact Hayward Canada at (888) 407-9281 to process your replacement order, if the square Hayward Canada drain covers in your pool or in-ground spa are affected by this recall.

This voluntary recall only applies to drain covers installed after December 19, 2008. The Hayward Canada drain covers affected in this voluntary recall will be limited to certain square drain covers with dimensions of 9"X 9", 12"X 12" and 18"X 18". Except for kiddie/wading pools and in-ground spas, replacement of covers is not required in pools with multiple drain systems or gravity drainage systems or for covers installed before December 19, 2008. Hayward Canada round 8" drain covers are not affected by this recall.

Please note that drain covers should only be replaced by a pool or spa service professional who has possession of an approved replacement cover so that the old drain cover may be immediately replaced.

For further information regarding the Hayward Canada drain covers affected by this recall and the replacement covers available please see below:

Adobe Acrobat fileHayward Canada Pool and Spa Replacement Drain Cover Information

Adobe Acrobat fileHayward Canada Drain Cover Recall Verification Form