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AquaRay is an excellent choice for pool owners looking for an affordable suction cleaner that will clean their pool's floors and walls, automatically.

AquaBug/Coccinelle Unitized

Item #PC500

For above-ground pools, AquaBug turbine cleaner features the exclusive SmartDrive© programmed steering to clean faster and more thoroughly than random cleaners.

Wally the Whale

For above-ground pools, Wally the Whale cleaners feature the exclusive SmartDrive® programmed steering to clean faster and more thoroughly than random cleaners.

Tigershark2 110/60 W/ Caddy

Item #RC9956CC

TigerShark©2/TigerShark2 Plus with Remote are the most advanced cleaners in the industry. An on-board computer calculates the most efficient cleaning pattern for bottom, sides and steps. TigerShark2 Plus with Remote allows spot cleaning.


The DV5000™ automatic pool cleaner devours debris in a single pass. It quietly and efficiently propels itself through the water cleaning up dirt, debris, twigs and more.

Navigator Pro

Over 30 years of unmatched proven and reliable suction pool cleaner performance, Navigator® Pro uses your pools existing filtration system and features exclusive SmartDrive® intelligent programmed steering for complete pool coverage.

eVac Series

Very affordable and easy to maintain, eVac robotic pool cleaners, hunt down dirt and debris from pool floor to waterline.

TigerShark® Series

Renown for many years for its reliability and efficiency, TigerShark® robotic pool cleaner is the iconic workhorse of the industry, cleaning the pool floor, walls and waterline. Available model with Quick Clean feature.

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