ColorLogic® LED Lights

Pool, Spa & Backyard Lighting


Southern Sanctuary

This vast, southern masterpiece was designed to wow and entertain family and guests alike. With 5 full-size Universal ColorLogic lights in the pool, and a spa light in the spa, this vibrant spectacle lights up the whole backyard!

Desert Oasis

This beautiful little pool is entirely lit by ColorLogic 320 LED lights. These small, yet vibrant, 1.5 inch lights are great for discreet pool and spa lighting. With two lights in the pool, and two in the spa, this desert oasis is ready for all occasions!

Pineland Paradise

This intricately designed work of art shows ColorLogic lighting at its best. With ColorLogic 320 1.5-inch lights in the bubblers and spa, and 2 Universal ColorLogic full-size lights in the pool, this forest getaway is a haven of relaxation.


ColorLogic® LED Pool, Spa and Backyard Lights are designed to illuminate nearly any new or existing pool or spa environment with vibrant color. Choose from 10 solid colors and 7 dynamic, color-changing light shows to compose the perfect theme for any occasion—from romantic evening to backyard bash. Plus, when integrated with Hayward Automation, ColorLogic network LED lights expand to offer 101 solid colors and 11 light shows. Discover how Hayward's brilliant LED lighting family can transform any backyard environment into an oasis of color.