Image for Saline C® 6.0 from Hayward Canada
Saline C® 6.0
Product Description

Saline C 6.0, NSF-certified salt chlorinator is designed to produce up to 6 lbs of chlorine per day. That’s enough to chlorinate larger pools up to 125,000 gallons, but at a savings of up to 60% over chemical chlorine. Its compact design is comprised of a single clear vessel and power supply, eliminating the need for daisy chaining multiple salt cells. This more-efficient design lowers installation costs and consumes less space.

Combining Saline C 6.0 with Sense & Dispense chemical automation, makes it an ideal water chemistry solution.

  • Chlorinates residential pools up to 125,000 gallons
  • 60% lower cost per pound of chlorine vs. chlorine chemicals
  • Compact design, single cell and power supply, easy install
  • Industrial-grade, clear vessel, easy inspection
  • Reverse polarity self-cleaning technology
  • Simple 1 minute electrode removal
  • Plug N’ Play chemical automation
  • NSF certified

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Technical Specification

Model Description Chlorine Production Rated Power in DC Amps Rated Pressure
HCSC60 Saline C 6.0 Up to 6 lbs/day 36 50 psi

Technical Specification Continued

Model Description Minimum Water Flow Rate Maximum Water Flow Rate Inlet Diameter Outlet Diameter
HCSC60 Saline C 6.0 40 gpm 125 gpm 2 in. 2 in.

Electrical Requirements

Model Description Voltage (supply AC) Phases Frequency Amps GFCI Breaker
HCSC60 Saline C 6.0 120 1 60Hz 6.5 15


  • In-ground pools up to 125,000 gallons