No more mixing, measuring and messing around with liquid or tablet chlorine again.
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Aquarite 925 25K Gal Cell, Can

Item #AQR925-CUL

AquaRite 900 provides the same superior salt chlorination expected of Hayward, but includes an Extended Life TurboCell that produces 25% more chlorine over its lifetime than our leading AquaRite systems so you can enjoy your investment longer.

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AquaRite Low Salt

A green approach to pool sanitization. AquaRite Low Salt eliminates the need to mix, measure and mess around with liquid or tablet chlorine and dramatically enhances the swimming experience.

Salt Chlorinator With Ccell

Item #AQR100

AquaRite 100 salt chlorination systems offer nearly all of the same incredible benefits as the rest of the best-selling AquaRite family-ultra-soft water, time-saving convenience and simple installation-but at a more accessible price.

HydroRite UVO₃ UV and Ozone System for residential in-ground pools, Canada


HydroRite UVO₃ is the most advanced all-in-one UV and Ozone system in the industry. HydroRite reduces overall chlorine use and produces the ultimate in water clarity and purity. For pools up to 60,000 Gal..

pHin WiFi-enabled monitor & kit, App, portal access


pHin monitors spa and pool water chemistry and temperature 24/7, notifying when action is required, and gives dosing recommendations for supported retail brand pool chemicals. Professionals receive tools and insight for delivering unmatched service.

AquaRite Pro

AquaRite Pro is the first residential salt chlorination system with commercially robust, integrated chemistry automation that eliminates the need for an additional device on the pool pad.

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Saline C6.0 Chlorine Generator

Item #HCSC60

Saline C 6.0's single clear vessel and power supply lower installation costs by eliminating the need for multiple salt cells. It is NSF-certified to produce up to 6 lbs of chlorine a day - enough chlorine for residential pools up to 125,000 gallons.

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Sense and Dispense

What if your pool could self adjust, automatically test its own chemistry, and balance and sanitize your water? What if it always knew what the water needed and adjusted continuously?

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