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Two Valve Actuators and 1 Smart Relay, J-Box and 6’ Whip


OmniHub delivers smart control to existing pools & spas. Compatible withHayward pool products and most brands, it monitors and manages pumps,heaters, lights, salt systems, and more. Users can conveniently access andmanage equipment through devices.

OmniPL Smart Pool and Spa Control

Unmatched value in automation for new pools and spas. OmniPL leverages the OmniLogic platform and easy-to-use app, where you can select the level of control. Simplify pool ownership by integrating salt chlorination options with your automation.


OmniLogic brings backyard automation to the forefront of technology. Enjoy the luxuries of full control from the industry’s most intuitive app and effortless upgrades to always keep your backyard on the cutting edge.


ProLogic pool automation offers the best value in the industry for the right level of control to suit pool owner's needs. This premium system introduces plug and play chemical automation to the controls family.

AquaConnect  Web Connection Device


AquaConnect Web Connection Device

OnCommand Base Controller


OnCommand is the simplest and most cost-effective aftermarket controller available.

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