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HCF Series Sand Filters
Product Description

The HCF Series Filters feature an improved internal and external design that enhances performance and endurance. The filters distribute water more evenly with a multi-diffuser configuration, increasing filter cycles, effectiveness, and longevity of the filter. Installation and maintenance are easier than ever before. A transparent manway simplifies operation and the UV-protected and infusion molded fiberglass shell reduces corrosion and shields the unit from the elements, such as blooming and biofilm build up.

  • Multi-diffuser distribution heads and oversized laterals improve filtration and lengthen filter cycle
  • UV-protected gel coat protects from the elements
  • High performance filtration and longer service life
  • Transparent manway design simplifies operation
  • Dual-Head (HCF230) or Quad-Head (HCF234 and HCF236) Diffusers provide optimized water distribution
  • Commercial-grade PVC and ABS injection-molded internals with 360° slotted lateral provide high performance and resistance in corrosive applications
  • Industrial valve and pressure gauge configuration offer durability and increased accuracy
  • 34″ model fits through standard 36″ doorways with no need to remove the door frame, simplifying replacement installations
  • New warranty policy; 5-year parts, 1-year labor
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Certified
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Technical Specifications & Performance Data

Model Size/Description Filtration Area Sq. Ft. Filtration Rate GPM/Sq. Ft. Filtration Flow Rate at 20GPM/Sq.Ft. (GPM) Filtration Flow Rate at 15GPM/Sq.Ft (GPM) Backwash Flow Rate (GPM)
HCF230 30" Fiberglass Sand Filter 5.0 5-20 100 75 25-100
HCF234 34" Fiberglass Sand Filter 6.0 5-20 120 90 30-120
HCF236 36" Fiberglass Sand Filter 7.2 5-20 143 108 36-143

Technical Specifications & Performance Data Cont.

Model Maximum Working Pressure (PSI) Vertical Clearance (Inches) Side Clearance (Inches) Media Required (Sand) Inlet / Outlet Sizes
HCF230 50 4 4 600 lbs. 2"
HCF234 50 4 4 750 lbs. 2"
HCF236 50 4 4 950 lbs. 2"


Model A B C D E
HCF230 16.5" 24" 31.49" 43.48" 2"
HCF234 18.75" 26.25" 33.85" 43.48" 2"
HCF236 18.75" 26.25" 37.4" 43.48" 2"

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  • Commercial pools
  • Aquatic centers
  • Water fountains
  • Wading pools
  • Olympic pools
  • Water sanitation centers
  • Aquatic theme parks
  • Spas



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