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HCF Series Cartridge Filters
Product Description

The new NSF listed, Dual Quad-Cluster commercial HCF7030C cartridge filter system features a massive 700sq ft. of filter area providing heavy-duty, dirt-holding capacity and extra-long filter cycles. It will reduce operation costs and enhance the eco-friendliness of the facility by saving thousands of gallons of carefully-balanced, heated pool water per month through the elimination of backwashing. Ideal for new construction or retrofit, the HCF7030C is able to accommodate commercial flow rates to 150 GPM. The filter exterior is molded from a glass reinforced copolymer material, capable of meeting the rigorous demands of the commercial environment.

  • Easy access to eight compact cartridges for fast, manageable cleaning
  • Effective particulate removal of 10-20 microns vs. 20-40 microns with sand
  • 2in or 2 1/2in connections with full 2in internal piping
  • Noryl™ bulkhead fittings for extra strength and heat resistance
  • Full-Size 1 1/2in integral drain providing easy access and fast clean-out and flushing
  • Heavy-duty, tamper-proof clamp securely fastens tank top and bottom
  • Combination pressure and filter cleaning cycle indicator gauge
  • NSF listed
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Technical Specifications & Performance Data

Model Product Dimensions Effective Filtration Area Design Flow Rate Filter Type Filter Tank Filter Elements
HCF7030C 52.5" Tall, 26" Diameter 700 ft 150 GPM Dual Quad-Cluster Polyester Cartridge Injection-Molded Glas Reinforced Co-Polymer Eight Reinforced Polyester Catridge

Technical Specifications & Performance Data Cont.

Model Performance Range Maximum Working Pressure Turnover 8 Hrs (Gal) Turnover 10 Hrs (Gal)
HCF7030C 1/2 to 3 HP (30 to 150 GPM) .37 to 2.24 kW (114 to 568 LPM) 50 PSI 72,000 90,000

Head Loss Top Manifold

Refer to Head Loss Top Manifold Graph
Model 0 GPM 25 GPM 50 GPM 75 GPM 100 GPM 125 GPM 138 GPM
HCF7030C -0.5 HLF 1.58 HLF 2.81 HLF 4.86 HLF 7.29 HLF 10.66 HLF 11.64 HLF


Refer to Dimensional Drawing
Model A B C D E F
HCF7030C 52.5" 28" 26" 5" 12.5" 18"

Dimensional Drawing


Head Loss Top Manifold Graph