Expert Line & Program

Expert Line products can only be purchased through your local pool professional or in-store.

As an experienced pool professional, your knowledge and expertise provide extra value to your customers—a fact that's not always obvious to them. That's why Hayward is committed to helping traditional pool professionals like you reinforce the benefits of the superior service, advice and experience you provide.

The new Hayward Expert Line & Program is designed to support traditional pool retailers and in turn provide consumers a better Hayward experience. Through exclusive products and programs, you can leverage your expertise to build your business and better satisfy your customers.


The Hayward Expert Line is an array of premium Hayward products with features and benefits that are only available to the trade and not for sale online. These product offerings will be available exclusively to brick-and-mortar dealers, builders and servicers who can educate consumers on the product’s use and features.

The products offered through the Expert Program may change as needed to accommodate new trends and innovation, ensuring that you are able to showcase our newest products first hand. However, each Expert Line product will have the following characteristics:

  • An extra feature or technology that is different than the open-line model
  • A different model name and number than the open-line model
  • MAP pricing (when applicable)
  • The ability to earn additional Totally Hayward Partner Program points with every purchase

Expert Line products may also have the following additional enhancements:

  • Extended or longer warranties than open-line models
  • Seasonal product-specific consumer rebates
  • Hayward-funded incentives for professional installation

Expert Line products are available to all of our trade partners who choose to comply with the Expert Program policy.

Expert Line Retail & Professional Programs

In addition to unique product offerings, the Hayward Expert Program is committed to offering retail and professional programs and promotions that will continue to improve your customers' unique retail experience.

Hayward Expert Line Policy Statement

In order to incentivize full service brick and mortar retailers and experienced pool professionals to provide the costly pre- and post- sale services that increase the demand for Hayward's high-quality products, Hayward is launching its new Expert Line of products, consisting of an array of new, high-end Hayward products available exclusively to brick and mortar dealers, builders and servicers, and not for online resale. Hayward has unilaterally determined that these new, high-end Products are most appropriately sold through experienced and knowledgeable pool professionals capable of providing pre- and post-sale services such as (i) the hiring and/or training of employees to demonstrate and showcase the capabilities and high-quality of these new Hayward products to potential consumers; (ii) investment in a substantial inventory of these new, high-end Hayward products for merchandising or demonstration to potential customers; (iii) investment in advertising and promotion of these new, high-end Hayward products to potential consumers; and (iv) providing superior customer service to purchasers of these new, high-end Hayward products.

The following new, premium Hayward Expert Line of products are available exclusively for purchase by brick and mortar dealers, builders and servicers, and may not be re-sold online. Dealers who choose not to comply with this unilateral policy will be unable to participate in this program, or purchase Hayward Expert Line products.


Expert Line Brochures
Hayward Expert Line Automation Products
Hayward Expert Line Pool Heaters
Hayward Expert Line Pool Filters
Hayward Expert Line Pool Pumps
Hayward Expert Line Cleaners
Hayward Expert Line Sanitization Products
V-Flex™ Upgrade Kit
V-Flex™ Upgrade Kit
HydroRite UVO<sub>3</sub>
HydroRite UVO3 2"
(Residential Unit)
TriVac 700
TriVac™ 700

*Note: The products offered through the Hayward Expert Line Program will expand and change as needed to accommodate new trends and innovation.

Expert Line products can only be purchased through your local pool professional or in-store.