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CAT 2000
Product Description

The CAT 2000® constantly monitors pH and sanitizer activity (chlorine, bromine, even salt systems) and automatically implements chemical feeding in proportion to demand for picture-perfect water quality at all times.

  • Digital, microprocessor-based design with flash technology
  • Advanced Control Features including proportional feed
  • Weatherproof membrane switch front panel interface
  • All factor settings are permanently stored in memory
  • Simple installation, setup and operation
  • Compatible with all types of chemical feed equipment
  • Dry-contact outputs provided for salt-chlorine systems
  • Professional Series sensors with Tefl on reference junctions
  • Five-year comprehensive warranty and technical support
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Technical Specifications



  • Commercial pools
  • Aquatic Centers
  • Water fountains
  • Water features
  • Splash pads
  • Wading pools
  • Olympic pools
  • Water sanitization centers
  • Aquatic theme parks




Chemical Feed Equipment and Parts

Hayward ® Commercial offers a full line of chemical storage and feed equipment to ensure accurate, reliable, and consistent dispensing of chlorine, acid solution, and CO2 for safe water chemistry maintenance