Pool Safety

Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of accidental deaths and injuries in children happen in or at a swimming pool. Implementing safety precautions and products is your best line of defense. Knowing what these layers of protection are and their benefits, gives you the tools to make informed decisions.

Whether you are a commercial pool operator and/or manager or a residential owner, safety matters! Let Hayward® Commercial be your online source to your pool safety needs.

The December 19th deadline has passed. Make sure your pool is in compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007. If you are not in compliance, your pool could be shut down!

Upgrade your pool to meet the Safety Act's requirements with Hayward®'s Stratum™ VRS (Vacuum Release System). The Hayward Stratum VRS is the industry's only SVRS (System Valve Release System) to both vent the suction to the atmosphere and turn off power to the pump. It meets and exceeds all relevant ASME/ANSI performance standards. Hayward also offers EcoStar™C with or without integrated SVRS. This pump is the industry’s most energy efficient pump at any speed with an integrated Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) available.

Being forced to close your pool for noncompliance has many negative implications. A swimmer injured in the pool is even worse. Avoid this by updating your pool safety products today. Not only will you meet the Safety Act standards but also swimmers will benefit from additional layers of protection. Learn more about the Stratum™ VRS or EcoStar™C (SVRS available).

Hayward Drain Cover Recall Information

Click here for information regarding the Hayward drain covers affected by this recall and the replacement covers available.