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Finally, a low cost, eco-friendly chlorine solution specifically designed for Commercial needs has arrived... Now Commercial Pools and Spas can offer the same natural, enjoyable swimming experience so common in the Residential market without compromise.
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Saline C 11.0 Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator

Item #HCSC110

Saline C Series eliminates the need for linking up multiple cells - lowering installation costs from a smaller footprint. It is NSF certified and designed to produce up to 6lbs with the Saline 6.0 or 11lbs of chlorine with the Saline 11.0 per day.

HydroRite PVCUV - 120V 1-Phase - 3

Item #HYR150

The HydroRite UV Commercial Ultraviolet Disinfection System combines three powerful disinfectants into one lightweight vessel, providing sterilization and oxidation for the ultimate water quality in commercial pools and spas.