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ASME Heater
Product Description

New Hayward H-Series ASME gas heaters are designed and certified for commercial use. The flagship of our H-Series line, they combine industry-leading hydraulics, exceptional performance, energy efficiency and reliability, with planet-friendly low-NOx emmissions. Flexible connection options make them ideal for new or existing applications. Choose from 250,000 and 400,000 BTU natural gas or propane models.

  • Independent left or right side electric, water and gas connections
  • 2in x 2 1/2in CPVC plumbing fittings
  • ASME pressure relief valve included as standard
  • Electronic lockout feature prevents unauthorized access to configuration settings
  • Easy installation and service via access of single front panel
  • Easy gas valve adjustment
  • Easy dual voltage conversion with fuse-protected circuit boards

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Technical Specifications and Performance Data

Model BTU Description Pipe Size Max. Allowed Working Pressure Dimensions (L x W x H)
H250FDPASME 250,000 Propane 2" x 2.5" 125 PSI 28" x 29.5" x 24"
H400FDNASME 400,000 Natural Gas 2" x 2.5" 125 PSI 36.5" x 29.5" x 24"
H400FDPASME 400,000 Propane 2" x 2.5" 125 PSI 36.5" x 29.5" x 24"
H500FDPASME 500,000 Propane 2" x 2 1/2" 125 PSI 40 1/2" x 29 1/2" x 24"




  • Can be used on all commercial pools and spas