Experience the Luxury of Total Control.

With Hayward's full line of control and automation solutions, it's never been easier to bring your backyard to life. Easily manage and control nearly every feature of your pool, spa and yard-including heaters, sanitization, lighting and more-right from the palm of your hand.

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Control speed


adjust temperature


change colors & set themes

salt system

monitor salt & set chlorination


schedule cleanings

water features

control lighting & themes

spa settings

switch to spa mode

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Solutions That Simplify Your Life.

Take the hassle out of pool ownership by adding automation. You'll get more time to sit back and relax-and with efficient scheduling, you'll save up to 70% on energy costs, too.


No matter if you're at home or on the go, you can access and manage your pool, spa and yard right from your phone.

Alexa®, Ask Hayward to Turn On the Spa.

Convenient control by voice assistant. Hayward solutions are compatible with Google Home® and Amazon® Alexa®.

Works with Amazon Alexa Works with Nest

Google Home® is a trademark of Google, LLC., Amazon® and Alexa® are trademarks of Amazon Technologies, Inc. Neither of these companies is affiliated with Hayward Industries, Inc. nor endorses this product.

Easy to Install, Simple to Use

Automation is quick and simple for pool pros to install and intuitive and convenient for you to manage.

Compatible with Existing Equipment

Get total control without replacing any of your equipment-your systems work with most major pool and spa brands.

Future-proof Design

Easily connect additional equipment or backyard lighting to automation whenever you decide to upgrade.

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  • The easiest way to add control to existing pools & spas
  • Delivers total control via an intuitive app or Alexa voice control
  • Installs in just a few hours

AquaRite® 940 Omni Salt System

  • Part of the world's #1 salt chlorinator family
  • Delivers soft, silky water that eliminates red eyes, itchy skin and harsh odors
  • Includes an OmniHub Smart Pool & Spa Control system

VS Omni Variable-Speed Pumps

  • Industry-leading energy efficiency
  • Remarkably quiet operations for a more relaxing backyard
  • Includes an Omnihub Smart Pool & Spa Control System


  • State-of-the-art capabilities for pools, spa, and landscape features
  • Simple customization of themes and favorite settings
  • Control via app, Alexa voice control and popular home automation systems


  • Budget-friendly
  • Manages most pool & spa features
  • Convenient control with Hayward AquaConnect®

ColorLogic® LED Lighting

  • Illuminate your backyard environment with vibrant color
  • The industry's brightest and most versatile color LED lights
  • Available in multiple sizes for any pool, spa or yard application

Omni® Remotes

  • Work with Hayward Omni automation systems
  • Remotes provide control inside, outside, spaside or even from the water
  • Wireless, waterproof, wall-mount, and spaside options that can be used without internet access

Sense and Dispense®

  • Professional-grade chemistry automation system
  • Self adjusts, automatically tests chemicals levels and balances and sanitizes pool water
  • Connects to Hayward automation so you can easily monitor water quality

TurboCell® Salt Cells

  • Converts pool salt into chlorine automatically
  • For new and existing pools up to 40,000 gallons
  • Requires a plumbing kit, sold separately (P-KIT)

Relay Modules

  • Expands the capabilities of any Omni automation system
  • OmniLogic 4-Relay Module adds up to 4 extra relays, delivering flexible expansion with easy installation
  • OmniLogic 1-Relay Module adds a single relay bank for OmniLogic or OmniPL
  • Omni RS485 Smart Relay expands relay count for any Omni controller

Valve Actuator

  • Automates operations for pool/spa, cleaner, water features and more
  • Includes 2- or 3-port valve port rotation and reverse switch
  • Unique cam setting provides precise flow control for easy installation

Expansion Panel & I/O Board

  • Adds up to 10 relays, 8 valves, 12 breakers and 1 salt chlorinator transformer to base unit
  • Delivers same control capabilities as original display panel
  • Double the low-voltage relay, sensor and valves on an OmniLogic Base and expansion controller with the I/O Expansion Board (HLIOEXPAND)

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