Water Quality

Water Quality

Having a clean and properly sanitized and balanced pool is important for two reasons: swimmer comfort and safety. But it can also dramatically extend the life of the pool and spa, materials and equipment. Wind, rain, sun and even the swimmers themselves affect water quality. That’s why pool owners are choosing salt chlorination and chemistry automation to automatically sanitize and balance their pools. It gives them silky-soft, clean water with none of the negative effects of traditional chemically treated water.

Obtaining the best water quality possible and convenience no longer come at an environmental price. Our Robotic automatic pool cleaners use no more energy than a standard light bulb. They require no additional hoses or equipment and can operate even when your pool’s filtration equipment is turned off. Just throw one in, turn it on and enjoy a beautifully cleaned pool. It’s that easy!

Backwashing pool filters can waste thousands of gallons of water every season. Hayward’s large-capacity cartridge filters save up to 92% of the backwash water used with traditional filters — as much as 2,500 gallons a year, savings up to 80% compared to gas heat.

Pool pumps are often the second or third largest energy consumer, after a home’s air conditioner. Automating a variable- or two-speed pump can save up to 75% on operating costs – as much as $1,200 a season.

Hayward also offers a variety of environmentally-responsible heating solutions that allow you to extend the swimming season and immerse yourself in the perfect water temperature every time.