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HP40B, HP50B & HP65B1
Product Description

HP40B, HP50B and HP65B1 Heat Pumps by Hayward offer the greatest savings, the best BTU performance, quiet operation and easy installation for years of swimming comfort. At approximately 55 dB, HP40B, HP50B and HP65B1 heat pumps are virtually silent from a few meters away.

Performance Reliability:

  • Titanium Heat Exchanger: Offers high resistance to chemical products while ensuring an excellent heat exchange. Titanium is also very resistant to rust.
  • Hot Gas Defrost: Unit will continue to perform at temperatures as low as 10°C.
  • Use R410A refrigerant for less harmful effects to the ozone layer

Quiet Technology:

  • Efficient Rotary Compressor and Low Noise Fan: guarantee quiet operation
  • Profiled Fan Blade: Ensures efficient air flow and quiet operation.
  • Enjoy Your Backyard Without the Noise: The superior quiet operation of an HP40B, HP50B and HP65B1 heat pump lets you enjoy a normal conversation in the serenity of your own backyard.

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Technical Specifications

Model Compressor Voltage Water Circulation
HP50B 11.6A/60.2A 208-230V 83-116L/min
HP40B 9.7A/34.8A 208-230V 67-100L/min
HP65B1 12.9A/66.9A 208-230V 108-142L/min


  • Above-ground or in-ground pools
  • Feature a reversing valve feature